an internal design contest for
the designers at Sparks


While interning at Sparks Marketing Group, Erik Weber (VP of Creative Experiential), asked me to create an design content for the designers at Sparks.


Overview: Captain Edmond Hughes is traveling the world on a mission called "Expedition Sparks" traveling the world looking for amazing artifacts from various cultures. While Capt. Hughes is exploring, he will take the Sparks Creative Team to design their own artifacts to be displayed in an exhibit at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. The Team has to be on their toes; Capt. Hughes is notorious for testing the abilities of individuals and throwing twists and turns into the mix.

As I was the one running the contest and no one but Erik and the Creative Administrator knew it was me, Captain Hughes would act as an alias during the contest.

Objective: Designers must create a hidden treasure/relic model (see model below) that is influenced by a country or culture, whether real or made up. These relics would be shown in a short presentation at the end of the contest.

Shipping: The relics were shipped to 6 different offices across the US. the crates were designed and built to ship each relic "kit" to the designers and mimic how WWII grenades were shipped to relate back to Capt. Hughes military past.

Updates and twists: During the contest, designers were contacted through physical letters and "telegrams" via email that included various locations from around the world. These represented Capt. Hughes path as he made his way back to the United States. 

Along the way, additional clues and twists were revealed to win more prizes. These included morse code riddles hidden in letters and telegrams, as well as, hints in the crates. 


The blank models from which the relics were created.

The blank models from which the relics were created.