There is never a time when I don't have some sort of side project I am working on. Below are some of my current projects and favorite past projects. Check back as I often improve on past projects based on new skills and knowledge.



Starting from real welding googles, i built a set of arduino-powered "electronic googley eyes." With the attached accelerometer and a little coding, it detects the movement of your head. Shake it around and the LEDs will turn on and create the effect of googley eyes. Turn your whole body and the LEDs will change colors depending on what cardinal direction you are facing. the LEDs used are neopixels which have built in chips that allow them to be addressable and can be soldered in a chain unlike regular RGB LEDS, I highly suggest them!

The googles have been painted to acheive a weathered/used appearance an a handmade leather strap was built to top off the look (video and additional images on my site show the first version).



Owning an antique aircraft without an electrical system is tricky when flying long distances and needing power for an iPad and phone. to solve that problem, I built a temporary wingstrut-mounted wind generator to charge my mobile devices. I started this project in 2014 and am currently developing a 3D printed prototype for version 2.0.



Regular Jack-O-Lanterns aren't dangerous enough for my house on halloween. To solve that problem, I took a Glade automatic scent sprayer and wired it to an arduino uno. An ultrasonic sensor detects when someone is 3-6ft away from the pumpkin and then triggers the sprayer which sprays over a candle and creates the large flame.

I tried to get glade to sell this in stores, but they didn't reply to my emails - I'm not sure why.



In October 2015, I purchased a life-size skeleton, recorded a video of it flying from seat in the plane and put it on youtube. It spread on Facebook,, and Reddit to receive almost 60,000+ views so far. It was also recently posted by a Facebook page that accumulated over 100,000+ views.