102 5th Ave, NYC 10011


This project was completed with a wonderful interior design studio, Abigail Cuevas. My role was Art Director and Graphic Designer, Abi handled the interior design and rendering. 


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Married without children




The website for La Rioja plays on the sense of mystery the restaurant evokes like abyss of the ocean. Scroll down the webpage to a rotary phone that when clicked, brings you to a page to make a reservation. There is no information about the chef, the menu, or anything else  there's no need for it because the most important part is experiencing the restaurant in person.


107 E 14th Street, NYC 10011

El Cerdo is a spin-off restaurant to La Rioja. It has the same spanish flair and wine with a sarcastic twist. 

El Cerdo sells wine and cured meats that are expertly crafted.

Everything from the exterior to the to-go packaging reflects brand personality.