25 PARTICIPANTS engage in an
experiential flight simulator


The goal of this experience was to collect data on the participants’ emotions, reactions to simulation flying in an immersive environment, and measure the effectiveness of immersion of the physical space in which it took place in. The experience was held the week of the Thinking Creatively Conference at Kean University.

TOTAL COST: $476.31


Participants entered the flight simulator and were tasked with a mission to complete to the best of their ability. Once the mission was completed, they were asked several questions about how they were feeling regarding the physical space, the music, and several other elements. The focus of the data was to see if a sense of confidence in flying an airplane could be replicated in a simulator instead of a real aircraft.

The only elements that were not custom-built were the computer flight controls and the simulator software. However, the mission in the simulator was specifically designed and programed for this experience.



Full report of the project can be viewed and downloaded below.